Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators

Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Microlighting Club on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland

All pilots are required to be a current member of the SAFA and join our club before flying these sites. All pilots must abide by the club code of conduct which can be found in the club information tab.

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About the Club

The Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators Club, formerly known as The Sunshine Coast Hang Gliding Club and Conondale XC flyers manages the operation of a range of flying sites on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. We aim to operate all sites in a safe, considerate and cooperative manner, ensuring that the interests of all parties are taken care of. We work in close cooperation with local councils, residents, airports and National Parks to maintain the interests of all stakeholders.

There are special requirements at a number of our sites, including requiring clearance from the control tower at Sunshine Coast Airport before taking off. You must be a current member of the SAFA and this club, to fly any of these sites. This is required by local bodies and is mandatory.

There are many experienced local pilots who are happy to guide and educate new comers, and visitors to the area. Please contact a Club Safety Officer to get the latest information on a site before flying.

We are here to help. Fly safe and have fun!

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