Club Code of Conduct

The Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators Club thanks you for your membership contribution. We also
welcome your ideas and the giving of your time to club meetings and projects. Your club supports your
access to sites, but needs your support in return. In order to fly these sites you need to be a member of
the SAFA and the Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators. It is also a requirement of club membership that you
agree to observe & abide by the following values;
  1. Respect for Club sites.
    These sites are a precious resource for our sport & our club. Our custodianship of them and ongoing access to them is not guaranteed and is under regular scrutiny. Please ensure that you access & use them in a manner that enhances our likelihood of keeping them. This includes;
    1. Familiarity with site rules – this is your responsibility. The rules are detailed on our website and in some cases on site. If in doubt it is a requirement that you ask a representative of the club for clarity.
    2. Launching/flying/landing only from or within specifically designated areas, in appropriate conditions following approved site procedures.
  2. Respect for other stakeholders.
    Flying is a privilege and our ability to participate requires harmonious relationships with other stakeholders whose interest may not necessarily be aligned to ours. Please respect the rights and differing expectations of other site stakeholders – these include residents, landowners, members of the public and other site users. Pay particular attention to gates, fences, animals and vegetation. Consider the safety and privacy of locals and other visitors, especially at our coastal sites where large numbers of the public can be found near launch and landing zones. Consider the rights and
    needs of other aviation participants including Air Traffic Control.
  3. Respect for our sport. Know the rules, know your limitations, participate within them and make safety your primary consideration. Every time you fly at these sites you are representing your sport & your club. Please portray an image we can all be proud of.
  4. Respect for your club and your fellow members. We may not always agree but we can control the manner of our disagreement. Please be considerate towards others.
  5. Respect for our environment. Please don’t litter whether it is biodegradable or not. This means anywhere in or around our sites including car parks. Several of our sites are in National Parks, and at these and indeed at all sites, strive to tread lightly on the landscapes we soar above. Pack out your rubbish, stay on approved walkways and paths, park cars only in designated parking areas and leave vegetation in place.
  6. Respect for country and cultural heritage. As pilots, we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and their cultural heritage. Avoid sacred sites and environmentally sensitive areas that may be adjacent to any launch or landing area.

Please be active in upholding these points with other club members and visiting pilots. The future of our sites and our sport depends on these efforts and having a consolidated club voice.