Motorised Paragliding & Hang Gliding Operations

The Sunshine Coast is a very sensitive area for all forms of flying. In order to maintain flight privileges for pilots visiting or residing in the area, we request that you adhere to the following guidelines:

All flight regulations are as per the SAFA ops manual and the Code of Conduct for PPGs and PHGs.

The shorter time you take getting up and away, the less impact you will have on the property owners. Please do not fly within 100 m radius of houses along the foreshore. The same applies for large groups of people on our various beaches. Even at 100 m the noise from your motor will be around 40 db and mildly irritating.

If while you are flying along the coast you come across hanglider and/or paraglider pilots engaged in free flying DO NOT under any circumstances fly at low levels up wind of their activities and DO NOT attempt to fly with them. The turbulence created by your prop can have catastrophic effects on their wings. Documented cases of this have resulted in serious injuries to the free flying pilots. Increase your altitude to at least 100 feet above the highest pilot and proceed over the top of their activities.

There are also helicopter and various other joy flight activities in the area. Be aware and lookout for these craft. Give them a wide berth. The turbulence they create can have a dramatic and dangerous effect on your wing.

Westerly winds in this area tend to be very rough and turbulent due to geographical features to our west. It is advisable to fly only when westerly winds are less than 8 to 10 knots. Even at these speeds, flying maybe a little uncomfortable.

Please show respect and consideration for the general public when flying in this area. If people are waving at you, if possible, smile and wave back. This does a lot for our relationship with the local community. It only takes one irresponsible, arrogant pilot to screw it up for everyone else. Your consideration and adherence to these guidelines, and the site guide information, is appreciated by the general public and the other pilots flying in the Sunshine Coast area.