North End Sunshine Beach

Site Rules and Information – North End

This is a relatively small site, and as such there is only room for a small number of pilots flying at any one time. Please discuss the take off options and flying conditions with a Club Safety Officer before flying.

Most days allow for good flying and crossing over onto the main  north/south soaring ridge, If you are soaring this main ridge please follow all the usual rules for flying at Sunrise/Tingira Cr. these rules can be found Here. They can also be seen in the picture below. 

Please stay well clear of the residences in the far northern corner of the main ridge.

As usual, all other protocols and regulations as per the SAFA apply.

Wind Direction

This site takes S through to SSE wind direction.

Experience Level

All Levels

Who to Contact

The primary contacts for this site are listed below.

If you are unable to reach one of these people, please get in touch with another club safety officer before flying.

Paragliding Safety Officer:

John Vasta Tel: 0416 283 883
Shane Gingell: Tel: 0417 619 167
Jean Luc Lejaille Tel: 0418 754 157
Tex Beck Tel: 0407 238 017

Hang Gliding Safety Officer:

Dave Cookman Tel: 0427 498 573

Photos of Flying at North End