Rainbow Beach

Site Rules and Information– Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is located within the Cooloola Great Sandy National Park. National Parks generally consider HG and PG as unsuitable activity for a National Park but the Sunshine Coast Hang Gliding Club has been extremely lucky to be granted a permit for it’s members to be allowed to fly from Carlo Sand Blow but with strict conditions.

No more than 30 pilots on site at any one time. ALL pilots must be SAFA and SCHGC members. We are only allowed to use up 30% of the car park, so car pooling is essential. Do not walk on the walking track in large groups, break up into smaller groups (to avoid conflicts with other users). No landing south of the bathing area, as this is the 4WD access to the beach.

The beach landing area is now NORTH of the bathing area (or south of the rocks if you can’t make it). Follow the instructions of the Senior Safety Officer at all times. Please note that National Parks is doing regular checks in the Carlo Sandblow now, so help us keep our site and follow these simple rules. Before flying this site please read the full site rules available HERE

Site Hazards:

  • Avoid the South East corner of blow. Turbulence and wind rotor can be experienced in this area.
  • Be aware there is a venturi effect in the middle of blow.
  • Paragliders should watch for, and give way to hang gliders, launching and landing in the blow.

As usual, all other protocols and regulations as per the SAFA apply.

Wind Direction

This site takes NE  wind direction, but is flyable from East to North/North East.

Experience Level

All Levels

Who to Contact

The primary contacts for this site are listed below.

If you are unable to reach one of these people, please get in touch with another club safety officer before flying.

Paragliding Safety Officer:

Jean Luc Lejaille Tel: 0418 754 157

Hang Gliding Safety Officer:

Dave Cookman Tel: 0427 498 573

Photos of Flying at Rainbow Beach