Teewah ramp works

Please be advised that Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QP&WS) will be commencing work on the Teewah ramp this coming Tuesday 29th November 2016.

The ramp will be closing at 12 noon on Tuesday and it will remain closed until work is complete – QP&WS anticipate this will be approximately 2 weeks. They want to complete the project quickly and don’t want it dragging on. The reason they have found it necessary to close the site is because of Workplace Health & Safety requirements. There will be heavy machinery and helicopters carrying materials in and out and the whole area (ramp and new launch) is a construction zone – consequently no-one will be allowed into the area until work is complete.

QP&WS have also advised that they would like member assistance in relation to the renewal of the pathway to the site. They will advise us when this is to take place and will give us forward notice to enable us to get personally organised.

Committee members Kent Gosden & David Cookman will be attending the site regularly to ensure the work is in accordance with our needs.

This project has taken a number of years to come to fruition so please be patient for the relatively short time the site will be closed. QP&WS are very supportive of our club and its activities and are meeting the costs for this project.


Many thanks,
Paul Green