Vote on Mandatory Radio Use

Your Vote
The executive had long discussions on the ever growing lack of observance for safety and the ability of pilots to monitor their behaviour and observe basic protocols to keep our sites open and flyable for every club member to enjoy. The outcome was that there is no one solution and we all have to bear responsibility to monitor ourselves and behave within club guidelines. The executive agreed that a very practical and necessary solution that could help in many ways was the use of radios when flying.

You are asked to vote on making the use of radios mandatory for all members of the SCSA, the executive agreed this should be a members vote. Please send your vote by reply e-mail with your HGFA member number and yes or no in the subject line to this e-mail address,

Example e-mail Subject line; (123456 yes)

Voting will close in 14 days from the date of this e-mail being sent (08/05/2015) and your membership needs to be current for your vote to be valid.

Please vote with your conscience.

For more information on this issue including the new proposed flying rules to re-open Teewah please see the newsletter HERE