Teewah Beach



Site Rules and Information – Teewah

Teewah Beach is located within the Cooloola Great Sandy National Park. National Parks generally consider HG and PG as unsuitable activity for a National Park but the Sunshine Coast Hang Gliding Club has been extremely lucky to be granted a permit for it’s members to be allowed to fly with agreed conditions. Below is a summary of the new condition but please read the full exemption available HERE.

1) Pilots must be members of the SCSA club

2) A Duty Pilot must be nominated prior to any flying. The duty pilot shall establish the procedures for that day (radio frequency, variation to regular flight plans or landing patterns ect.)

3) Prior to any pilot commencing flight operations, the pilot shall have the responsibility to ensure:

                               1/. He/she has permission from the Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators to operate from this site, and

                               2/. He/she is aware who the Duty Pilot is for that day, and

                               3/. What UHF Radio Frequency has been nominated for operations on that day, and

                               4/. That their radio is in good working order and set to the nominated frequency, and

                               5/. That he/she has sought advice from the Duty pilot as to the adopted procedures for the day

4) Landing of Hang Gliders or Paragliders on the beach, must only be on the soft sand, above the high water mark and within 1000 meters North or South of the launch area only if:

  • to do so would not endanger a person on the ground; and
  • would not cause conflict with a vehicle on the beach or other ground traffic thoroughfares; and
  • satisfied that operations maybe carried out safely, having regard to the recommended procedures set out in the Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators “Flying Sites Guide”.

5)As usual, all other protocols and regulations as per the SAFA apply.

How to Access Teewah Launch

Access to this site is by 4 wheel drive vehicle only.  You need to cross the North Shore Vehicle Ferry at Tewantin ($6 each way).

In order to drive on the beach a recreational vehicle permit is also required. This can be purchased annually or daily.

Vehicle permits may be purchased at the National Parks office as you approach the Tewantin Ferry, or online.

To purchase a vehicle permit online:

Click here to buy a permit

1. Select “Book a Vehicle Access Permit”

2. For location select “Cooloola Recreation Area”, and complete the other details to purchase your permit.

The fees for online permits are currently:

Daily $10.70. Weekly $26.80. Monthly $42.15. Yearly $211.30

Wind Direction

This site takes an Easterly wind direction.

Experience Level

All Levels. Intermediate skills required for launch.

Experienced pilots required on launch to assist with take offs.

Who to Contact

The primary contacts for this site are listed below.

If you are unable to reach one of these people, please get in touch with another club safety officer before flying.

Paragliding Safety Officer:

Jean Luc Lejaille Tel: 0418 754 157
Shane Gingell: Tel: 0417 619 167
Tex Beck Tel: 0407 238 017

Hang Gliding Safety Officer:

Dave Cookman Tel: 0427 498 573

Photos of Flying at Teewah